Driving license B

Driving license B

TEAM trafikkskole Sandnes has provided high quality driving tuition since 1984. Our traffic teachers are approved by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. 

We will help to ensure that the road to your driver license is going to be flexible and positive. We adapting driver training individually. and conduct driver training both on manual and automatic vehicles.  Read more on www.vegvesen.no.

Feel free to contact us. Use the contact form on the bottom of this page, by e-mail: post@teamtrafikkskole.com,
Tel or sms: 901 61 806.

Apply for driving license at www.vegvesen.no

Driving test preparation course: https://teoritentamen.no/en/practical-driving-test/

Changing driving license in to Norwegian

Are you going to change your driving license in to Norwegian?  Do it smootly at TEAM trafikkskole. Read more on www.vegvesen.no

About us

Team Trafikkskole has a curriculum in each classes we conduct driver training, which are in accordance with Norwegian regulations. We will help you to make your way to your driver's license in a flexible and positive way. We adapting driver training individually. All our employees have signed a Confidentiality Statement.

We will be professional, flexible, responsible and honest.  By being positive we will provide valuable training in line with applicable laws and regulations in a way that creates respect, equality, safety and well-being. We shall be professionally updated and have the necessary tools for effective communication.


Your tutorial will be configured together with you and your teacher. In your student manual you will find necessary information about training, i.e. goals and requirements and how we are normally conducting the driver education. 

The tutorial needs to combine both theory and practical exercises. Good knowledges about traffic rules, road signs and Vehicle Regulations is essensial  for Road Safety and being able to cooperate and communicate together with other road users. Read about the requirements at www.vegvesen.no

You will have your own account at the school which you have access to, both from your PC, tablet and mobile phone.

For non-mandatory part of the driver training programme it is not provided for any specific number of lessons caused those are based on individually needs. Driving lessons combined with exercising at home is recommended.

The compulsory part of driver training is divided into TWO parts, mandatory courses and step assessment. 

We also conduct Dark Driving Demonstration in English.

Compulsary part contains:

  • Step 1; A Basic Training Course (10 hrs), First Aid course (4 hrs) and Dark Driving demo (3 hrs). The Basice training course is for those between 16 and 25 years.
  • Step 2; Step assesment (45 min)
  • Step 3; Safety training course on track (4 hrs) and Step assesment (45 min)
  • Step 4; Open road driving course (13 hrs. 

Read more about driver training at www.vegvesen.no


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